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Announcement: Summer Leagues Begin August 28th

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P.O. Box 967
Montpelier VT 05601-0967

** If sending in an entry form/payment please indicate on the envelope the tournament name (see below), as we have entries for multiple tournament events coming in at the same time.

Senior Championships
Youth Singles Handicap Championships
Women’s Championships
Open Championships

Board Members


Jeff Cook
Telephone: 802-229-6308

Association Manager

Tracy Cook
Telephone: 802-229-6308

Local Association Officers

Bennington USBC BA President

Brian Hewitt

Bennington USBC BA Manager

George Jones

Brattleboro Area USBC President

Joseph Murphy

Brattleboro Area USBC Manager

Debora Fantini

Central Vermont USBC President

Central Vermont USBC Manager

Enosburg Dairy Center USBC President

Enosburg Dairy Center USBC Manager

Raymond Saloomey

Gr Bennington USBC WBA President

Colleen Gates

Gr Bennington USBC WBA Manager

Phyllis Cornell

Gr Bennington USBC Youth President

Gr Bennington USBC Youth Manager

Green Mountain USBC President

Linda Kirkpatrick

Green Mountain USBC Manager

Northeastern Vermont USBC BA President

Edward Reed

Northeastern Vermont USBC BA Manager

Maurice Noel

Orleans County USBC President

Rosaire Fortin

Orleans County USBC Manager

Marilyn Corkins

Precision Valley USBC President

Bernard Carey

Precision Valley USBC Manager

Janice Phelan

Rutland USBC President

Joseph Lanzillo

Rutland USBC Manager

Thomas Smyrski

St Albans USBC BA President

Steven Putnam

St Albans USBC BA Manager

Arthur Lambesis

St Albans USBC WBA President

Christine Johnson

St Albans USBC WBA Manager

John LeBlanc

St Albans USBC Youth President

John LeBlanc

St Albans USBC Youth Manager

Roger LeBlanc

St Johnsbury USBC WBA President

St Johnsbury USBC WBA Manager

White River Valley USBC President

Ronald Warner

White River Valley USBC Manager

LaRoy Carrier

VT State USBC President

VT State USBC Manager

Janice Phelan

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P.O. Box 967
Montpelier VT 05601-0967