At this time, we have NOT postponed the Open Tournament.  This is just an update regarding if entries are still being accepted and if they still should be sent in as I have been contacted by a few people in the last day.

Yes, I am still accepting entries up to the April 3rd deadline, as the status of the tournament is still being monitored with the daily updates from CDC and State of Vermont Executive Orders issued.

SHOULD the tournament have to be postponed from its originally scheduled dates, the entries that were received by the April 3rd deadline will have FIRST CHOICE of the rescheduled tournament dates. Captains would be emailed the updated dates and forms.  A new form with updated dates would then be posted to the state website and emailed to other past captains/participants. 

The plan would be to still have a 2020 Open Championship tournament even if it has to be run in Sept/Oct so members don’t miss out should we have to postpone for a long period time.

I am sure President Cook and the VT USBC Board of Directors will be discussing the status of the Open Tournament around early April once we have hit the first stages of the Corona Virus shutdown reviews by CDC and the State of Vermont.

Stay safe everyone,

Tracy Cook, Assoc/Tournament Manager


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